Jesse Cardone

Things I do

Owner & Developer, Launched Aug 2012
An automated trading site for Team Fortress 2 and other Steam games. Over the years Scrap.TF has grown to having many services for multiple Steam games, including item buying & selling, exchanging, and raffles.
Owner & Developer, Launched Oct 2013
An automated marketplace where users can buy and sell Team Fortress 2 items for cash. Users are able to list their items for sale and we take care of payment processing, fraud protection, and quick item delivery.
Owner since June 2017
An open and community curated pricing guide for Team Fortress 2 and other Steam items. Launched in 2012 by Steve Rabouin and currently developed by fisk, has grown to have many features beyond pricing including tracking and searching, stats, and trade listings.
Owner & Developer, Launched Feb 2014
A private file hosting site for a small group of users. Since similar sites have turned into social networks, and others closing down, I chose to make my own file host for myself and my friends. It has now grown to over 400 users and hosts over 700,000 files.
Owner & Developer, Launched Jan 2014
A search tool for trading reputation in Team Fortress 2 trading. Rep.TF searches other communities' databases to find trusted or untrusted traders.
Created July 2012, No longer maintained
The original open-source software for automating Steam trade and chat. This software inspired the creation of Scrap.TF and many other sites.
Created Nov 2015
An open-source tool for confirming Steam trades without a smartphone. In 2015, Steam chose to only allow users with smartphones to trade items. This software runs on your PC and simulates their app so anyone can trade again.